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about 7 years ago

Go Interactive Challenge: New Sample Apps Available

For those who have been waiting for that extra sparkle of inspiration to create the perfect app for the Magnet Mobile App Challenge, we want to let you know that we have recently released 2 new sample apps for you to explore and use -- including source code -- for iOS (Objective-C & Swift) and Android (Java). All versions of these apps are posted to Github:

  • Rich Messaging sample app (iOS / Android) -- We created a simple chat app to demonstrate how rich content such as images, videos, and geographical location can be shared using Magnet Message. In this implementation, images and videos are uploaded to Amazon S3, and the URL to the file is delivered to the recipient. This app also demonstrates how to integrate Facebook authentication in your app with Magnet Message.

  • SmartShopper sample app (iOS / Android) -- Smart Shopper allows a user to search for contextually relevant products, share them with friends or add them to your Wish List. It uses the Weather Underground APIs to retrieve the current weather and searches for a relevant product using the Walmart Labs APIs. In this scenario, it returns warm weather items when temperatures are hot outside and cool weather items when it is cold. The app uses Magnet Message to implement Share a Product and Wish List features.

There are 27 days to go to build and submit your amazing app for the Magnet Mobile App Challenge! There is still plenty of time to implement your concepts that use messaging or interactive features leveraging Magnet Message APIs. Don’t forget there are approximately $22,200 in prizes up for grabs, including a sweepstakes for qualifying participants that could deliver a shiny new Apple Watch or Moto360 for your wrist.

Good luck!

--The Magnet Team