Go beyond simple text messaging. Show the world how to add innovative messaging capabilities to deliver a more interactive and engaging mobile experience. We want to challenge developers to dream up and power new, mobile first apps with our recently launched Magnet Message framework. We are prepared to reward you with cool cash prizes!

What is Magnet Message?

Magnet Message is a powerful, open source mobile communication framework enabling real-time user engagement for your iOS and Android mobile apps. Magnet Message has the features you need to add better, more personalized interactions to your app. The code is free to download and Apache open source. It includes a ready-to-run server and native mobile SDKs for iOS and Android.

For this challenge, you will be able to leverage our new cloud-hosted Sandbox supporting the following features:

  • In-App Messaging (includes 1-to-1 and 1-to-many)
  • APNS & GCM Push message integration with wake-up
  • Publish/Subscribe
  • User or app directed messages and events
  • Rich message payloads (text, image, HTML, JSON, etc.)
  • Confirmed message delivery status
  • And so much more!

What can I build with Magnet Message?

In this challenge, we want you to showcase what is possible with Magnet Message. Think outside the box. Go beyond simple text messaging. Think about how mobile apps can truly benefit from more personal, interactive and intelligent communications – both one way and two way. Get those creative juices flowing! Amaze us with your submissions!

For the challenge, we need you to explore at least one of these interactive scenarios for your hack:

User-to-User and/or User-to-Multiuser Messages - leverage embedded chat within the app, so that users can interact via reliable two way messaging in real time.

Ad hoc Discussion Group – enable ad hoc discussion group capabilities within the app, so that users can create a private thread or category and share updates with a limited group of invited users.

Public Forum – create a public forum or feed with publish/subscribe, so that users can openly interact with one another around a given topic.

How do I start?

To get started, check out the Resources page for links to useful information including an overview of Magnet Message, links to the Sandbox, Getting Started guides for both Android and iOS, API documenation and access to sample code and apps.

If you have questions or need assistance, please use the Discussions page for this challenge or our Forums. You can also Contact Us on Magnet.com

Good luck to all the participants!

-- The Magnet Team



Requirements for participation are:

  • Individuals who are 18+ or at least the age of the majority.
  • Participating countries, where permitted by law.
  • Individuals or Teams. Also includes Organizations up to 50 employees.
  • Multiple entries are permitted per Individual or Team, however only one prize will be awarded to a each Individual or Team or Organization.  
  • Magnet employees and people involved in running this challenge are not eligible.
  • Please see the "Official Rules" for full details.


  • All submitted apps must use the Magnet Message Sandbox and Magnet Message client SDK for iOS or Android to enable messaging functionality. 
  • All submitted apps must demonstrate one or more of the 3 interactive scenarios described above (User-to-user and/or user-to-multiuser messages, ad hoc discussion group, or public forum)
  • App UI and any description provided in the submission must be in English language.

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$21,000 in prizes

Grand Prize

$15,000 USD cash awarded to the app that gets the highest cumulative rating from the judges based upon the challenge criteria. Includes 30 minute mentoring session with investor and Magnet CEO, Alfred Chuang.

2nd Place Award

$3,000 USD cash prize awarded to the app that gets the second highest cumulative rating from the judges.

3rd Place Award

$2,000 USD cash awarded to the app that gets the third highest cumulative rating from the judges.

Runner Up Award

$1,000 USD cash awarded to the app that gets the fourth highest cumulative rating from the judges.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

How to Enter

  • Create an account at Magnet.DevPost.com or login with an existing account.
  • Create a developer account on Magnet.com to access the Magnet Message Sandbox, download code and learn how to use the APIs.
  • Review the Resources page.
  • Create an amazing app that includes an innovative use of messaging based upon Magnet SDK and leverages the Sandbox.
  • Give us a way to access your app for testing.
  • Describe your app in <200 words so we know what your app does, how it uses one or more of the 3 interactive scenarios and why it is awesome. Provide any additional instructions for how to run or test it.
  • Upload app image, screenshot or video to show off your app.
  • Submit your app!


Alfred Chuang

Alfred Chuang
CEO, Magnet Systems Inc

Shannph Wong

Shannph Wong
Engineering, Magnet Systems Inc

John Drewry

John Drewry
Product Management, Magnet Systems Inc

Tom Ku

Tom Ku
Services, Magnet Systems Inc

Julie Ingle

Julie Ingle
Marketing, Magnet Systems Inc

Judging Criteria

  • Overall Design
    Coherent design and execution of the overall app and successful integration of Magnet Message functionality.
  • Presentation
    Ease of use, polish and attention to overall user experience.
  • Technical Implementation
    Technical execution by the developer and the extent to which the app leverages one or more of the 3 interactive scenarios.
  • Usefulness
    Ability to solve a real problem or meet a genuine need.
  • Innovative use of messaging
    Creativity and originality in the use of Magnet Message APIs to enhance the app experience.

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